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How Much is Enough?

Seeking treatment for a child with autism and co-morbid diagnoses has its challenges. Until recently, our insurance refused to pay for ABA therapy, the gold standard for autism treatment, forcing us to skimp on ABA and use CBT. CBT is a good therapy, but it assumes that the person has the functioning ability to change… Continue reading How Much is Enough?

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Children’s Mental Health, or Homeschooling High School

A little more than a year ago, our doctor suggested that my son, Bobby, had not only autism, ADHD, and oppositional defiant disorder but also a mood disorder. Mood disorders are slippery things, with symptoms overlapping and small differences contributing to the different diagnoses. His mood disorder was left uncharacterized and unnamed until this year,… Continue reading Children’s Mental Health, or Homeschooling High School


The Genre / Literary Debate

My online writing group has the genre vs. literary debate several times a year. It seems that those who write “non-genre” novels, like women’s, mainstream, upmarket, or literary fiction, can’t get along with those who write science fiction, fantasy, romance, or paranormal, and vice versa. Yet, it’s all just labels, isn’t it? Labels are designed… Continue reading The Genre / Literary Debate


On the Subject of Food and Sensory Defensiveness …

  What’s a parent to do when their child won’t eat many or most foods? Children with autism and other developmental disabilities tend to have more restricted diets than their neurotypical counterparts due to sensory sensitivities. These sensitivities can continue into adulthood, especially for a child who never learns to eat a more varied diet.… Continue reading On the Subject of Food and Sensory Defensiveness …

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On Clark Kent and Raising a Child with Autism

Superman Autism by Sircle on Deviant Art __________________________________ My name is Susan, and I am a parent of a child with autism. That’s not all I am, but most days, it seems like that’s my primary identity. I love my son, fully and completely. But while being a parent is a tough job, and not… Continue reading On Clark Kent and Raising a Child with Autism